Ceramic refractory rope

Ceramic refractory rope Ceramic rope made of aluminosilicate fibers, which has good flexibility and fire resistance.

Product description

Ceramic refractory rope

Ceramic rope made of aluminosilicate fibers, which has good flexibility and fire resistance.

This rope can withstand extreme heat up to 1260 degrees Celsius, which has the advantage of excellent thermal insulation.

Ceramic rope with round and rectangular cross section is strong and white.

This rope is basically made of ceramic fibers and fiberglass fibers that ceramic fibers are used in various fields such as cosmetics, adhesives and food.

This rope is produced in two forms: twisted and woven.

Ceramic refractory rope has excellent strengths such as mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance.

This rope is used to insulate parts in various fields and industries such as steel, aluminum, welding shipbuilding and making expansion joints for sealing.

The difference between woven ropes and twisted ropes is as follows:

The ropes that are woven have a higher strength than the twisted rope.
Woven ropes have less flexibility than spun rope, so spun refractory rope is used more.
Ceramic refractory rope has a high heat tolerance up to 1260 ° C, but for high use, its suitable temperature is 1100 ° C.

Here are some of the features of ceramic rope:

Low weight, excellent strength
Easy installation
Do not spread toxic smoke in the face of fire
Sturdy in the face of heat shock and non-combustible
Low heat conductor
Corrosion prevention and the ability to control pressures
Resistance to erosion and oxidation
Acceptable and stable chemical resistance in the face of most oily and acidic substances
It has dielectric properties
High mechanical strength and resistance to tearing, tension and abrasion
The most important applications of ceramic rope by examining its unique features are as follows:

Construction of expansion joints
Production of firefighting clothing and safe equipment
Sealing of parts of power plants, refineries, steel and aluminum
Making strong curtains in the face of fire
Insulation of thermal furnace doors
Sealing of anti-acid furnaces
Sealing fixed parts at high temperatures
Exhaust sealing
Sealing of shipbuilding equipment
Ceramic refractory rope in dimensions of 60 to 6 mm can be provided, produced and distributed.

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