Ceramic paper

Ceramic paper Ceramic paper is one of the products made of pure refractory cotton, which is also made of ceramic fibers.

Product description

Ceramic paper

Ceramic paper is one of the products made of pure refractory cotton, which is also made of ceramic fibers.

The cotton in white ceramic paper has the advantages of sound absorption and good chemical and mechanical stability.

Ceramic paper has excellent heat tolerance and is very light weight. This paper has advantages such as easy cutting, high flexibility and ductility, resistance to heat shock and chemical corrosion, which have led to advantages in various fields, including industry. Petrochemical casting, home appliances, power plants and automobiles to be used.

The heat resistance of ceramic paper called refractory cardboard and refractory paper is as follows:

The maximum heat that ceramic paper can; Tolerance is from 1430 to 1260 degrees Celsius.
For heavy use of ceramic paper, temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius are suitable.
The most prominent advantages of ceramic paper include:

Suitable for use in nature and without harm to human health
Smooth and lightweight surfaces
Ability to absorb very high sound and has the power of sound insulation
Impressive ductility and flexibility
Good electrical resistance and has electrical insulation power
long life
Resistance to chemical erosion
Easy handling and cutting
Maintains excellent efficiency in some alkaline and acidic environments except concentrated hydrofluoric alkalis and phosphoric acids
High heat tolerance from 1260 to 1430 and in case of long use heat tolerance up to
1000 degrees Celsius

Acceptable resistance to tearing and stretching and mechanical strength
Stability against thermal shock
Low heat transfer
Considering the advantages mentioned above, we want to deal with the applications of this popular product:

Electrical and acoustic insulation in various fields such as power plants
Insulation of home appliances
Sealing of parts in petrochemical industry and fuel stations
Production of expansion joints
Catalytic exhaust insulation, extinguishers, etc. in the automotive industry
Making gaskets for sealing
Making safe equipment such as bag liners, gloves and fireproof clothing
Insulation of boilers, furnaces and thermal tanks
Production of industrial filters
Nozzle insulation in the foundry area to reduce energy waste and heat transfer
A little

Sealing pipes in the field of casting
Ceramic paper that looks like ordinary paper; Produced in thicknesses of 12 to 2 mm.

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