Filter bag

Filter bag Filter bag is one of the products that can be used in the food and health industry. This advantage of our product has been used a lot.

Product description

Filter bag

Filter bag is one of the products that can be used in the food and health industry. This advantage of our product has been used a lot.

The filter bag, called the dust bag, is made of Nomex fibers. This synthetic fiber with a high temperature of up to 370 degrees Celsius has the ability to show great resistance to fire. This product is also widely used in the production of clothing that is exposed to fire.

In this part of the article, we want to discuss the complete specifications of Nomex fibers and that it is a synthetic fiber:

Numax fibers have a polymer shape that is made up of 4 atoms and is formed as a ring. These 4 atoms contain hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Carbonate is calculated, that is, it is made in the form of rings and connected to each other by human hands.

With the definitions that we had of the filter bag, we want to express its advantages, the most important advantages of which include:

Good performance in a variety of climates
Dust absorber
High soil holding capacity
Proper chemical resistance
Preservation of the shape at the lowest temperature up to -70 degrees Celsius
The highest tolerable heat up to 260 degrees Celsius
Ability to absorb gelatinous and solid particles
Resistance to mold and pests
Proper operation in hot steam environments composed of liquids
Low heat transfer capability
Stability against oil and water
Resistance to chemical dyes
Ability not to burn against fire
Used for electrical insulation
Resistance to dangerous rays such as ultraviolet rays
Good price
Easy cleaning and handling
Reusability for nature and environment protection
After examining the advantages of the filter bag or the same dust bag, we want to focus on the salient uses of this product:

Protecting parts from ink, resin and paint
Dusting air pipes with excellent quality
Sealing of continuous parts to food industry
Sealing of energy making machines and generators
Thermal sealing of equipment in oil pipelines and petrochemical industries
Insulation of electrical equipment
It should be noted that the Nomex fibers in the dust bag are extremely strong, which is also impermeable to water, and has an electrical conductivity that the electric current can not pass through.

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