Sewing thread

Sewing thread Sewing yarn is a yarn that is produced from fibers called fiberglass, ceramic and aramid.

Product description

Sewing thread

Sewing thread is a thread that is produced from fibers called fiberglass, ceramic and aramid, but if we want to explain each of these fibers more generally, we define it as follows:

Ceramic fibers in sewing yarn compounds:
These fibers have a special place among industrialists due to their remarkable heat tolerance. These fibers are widely used for sewing safety equipment and clothing and sewing electrical insulation, and also this popular product has mechanical, mechanical and thermal endurance.

Ceramic fibers can withstand temperatures up to 1370 degrees Celsius for high use, but the maximum amount estimated for this product; The temperature is up to 1700 degrees Celsius.

Aramid fibers in sewing yarn compounds:
These fibers are of great importance among fans in terms of excellent resistance to abrasion and remarkable mechanical strength, and have their extinguishing properties against high heat.

Refractory fibers calm if exposed to 500 ° C; It melts, but the maximum amount of heat it can withstand is up to 425 degrees Celsius, and if used extensively, a temperature of 170 degrees Celsius is appropriate. ... be applicable.

Fiberglass fibers in sewing yarn compositions:
Fiberglass fibers called glass fibers with their low weight have a considerable strength. These fibers, like aramid fibers, have very good strength.

This product is able to withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees Celsius.

In general, sewing thread is composed of thin and long threads, which can be used to sew clothes and equipment that are fire resistant.

In general, some of the benefits of sewing yarn include:

It has significant strength.
Maintains its function at high temperatures.
It is stable in the face of fire.
It is resistant to chemical corrosion and works well in alkaline and acidic environments.
It is resistant to tearing, tension and abrasion and has good mechanical resistance.
The diameter of the sewing thread is according to the fibers used in it, so that it is from 0.74 to 0.71 mm in ceramic fibers, from 0.5 to 0.23 mm in aramid fibers and 0.5 mm in fiberglass fibers.

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